What is Body Sculpting?

by Belinda on June 9, 2012

You’ve heard about body sculpting.  But maybe you’re wondering how it will benefit you. And perhaps you’re even a little leery of it, because you’ve heard it involves weights.

Relax – you’re going to like what body sculpting does for you. Read on to discover the answers to your top body-sculpting questions…

What is Body Sculpting?

This is simply using bodyweight and/or resistance training to target specific muscles, thereby selectively lifting, toning and shaping your body.  For example, you can firm up your triceps (those muscles under your arms) by doing exercises like triceps dips.  Or you can lift and tone your butt by doing exercises like step-ups.

I’ve Heard That You Can’t “Spot Train”… Is That True?

You can’t selectively shed fat from a targeted part of your body. For example, you can’t do anything that will make the fat on your stomach come off first. That’s because genetics determines in what order the fat will be shed from your body (generally, it’s “last on, first off”).

However, you CAN “spot train” specific parts of your body by selectively building muscle in those parts. And, as mentioned, you can use this selective targeting to firm, tone and lift, which fights aging and gravity.  And when you do shed the fat in these areas, you’ll reveal sexy, feminine curves as the result of building this beautiful muscle.

What Kind of Exercises Are Involved?

As mentioned, you can either do bodyweight or resistance training, which is where you lift moderately heavy weights.  This means that you’ll use weights where you can’t lift the weight any more than about 12-15 times without your muscles fatiguing.  Because once you start doing more than 15 repetitions, then your weights are too light – and you’re doing a cardio workout rather than a body-sculpting workout.

In order to achieve symmetry, you’ll need to do exercises which incorporate all the major muscles of your body. Examples of these exercises include:

  • Bench press
  • Chest press
  • Shoulder press
  • Leg press
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Rows
  • Crunches
  • Push ups
  • Triceps dips
  • Bicep curls

Will it Make You Bulky?

No, absolutely not. In fact, the celebrities whose bodies you admire the most likely achieved those bodies by lifting weights or doing bodyweight exercises.

Yes, I know – a lot of women are worried about getting all “muscle-y” and bulky. But it’s not going to happen.  Those women you’re thinking of – the ones who’ve developed the huge, rippling muscles – had to take steroids in order to achieve that look.  Even with the help of steroids, these women needed to devote an extreme amount of time in the gym and obsess over their muscle-building diet.

Point is, if you’re not taking anabolic steroids, then you’re not going to get bulky when you lift weights. Instead, you’re going to look more feminine than ever as you tone, tighten, smoothen and lift your muscles.

Need proof of what a good body sculpting program can do for you? Just check out the pictures on this page: http://www.getleanprogram.com.

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