What is a Transformational Lifestyle?

by Belinda on June 19, 2012

Since you’re on this website and reading this article, it’s clear that you want to make some changes in your life. More specifically, you want to change your body. This may mean a large weight loss. Or it may simply mean transforming your body from flabby to firm.  But either way, the bottom line is that you’re preparing to transform yourself.

Naturally, you’re not just looking to make a temporary change. In other words, your goal isn’t to transform your body, keep this new body for a month or two, and then let yourself slip back to your old body. No, you want this change to last. And that’s why you need to consider the concept of leading a transformational lifestyle.

Think about this for a moment…

The way your body is now is a result of your habits.  If you’re unhappy with your body, then look to your regular habits to see what needs to change. For example, do you have a habit of:

  • Drinking sugary soda with every meal?
  • Snacking on chips or cookies in the evening?
  • Forgoing exercise and activity in favor or being sedentary?
  • Skipping breakfast?
  • Eating fast food for lunch?
  • Getting by on five or six hours of sleep a night?

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

In order to lead a transformational lifestyle, you need to start changing these bad habits and replacing them with good ones. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to wipe out every single bad habit in the next 24 hours.  Instead, it means you simply need to start making the small changes needed to begin leading a healthier lifestyle.

For example:

  • This week you’ll cut out your afternoon sodas.
  • In two or three weeks from now you’ll cut out the rest of your daily sodas.
  • This week you’ll start exercising twice per week.
  • Next week you’ll start making healthy substitutions to your favorite recipes.

And so on. In this way, you create big results – but you do this by making a series of small changes. Think of it as an evolution, rather than something that abruptly happens. Indeed, making small changes and letting them become ingrained (and lifelong!) habits is one of the most powerful ways to create changes that last.

Bottom line…

Don’t try to change everything at once, because you’ll just get overwhelmed and set yourself up for failure. Instead, think of your transformation as a journey, rather than a destination. Enjoy the way you feel as you become stronger, healthier and more energetic.  Pay attention to how small changes can create big results. And give yourself time to create new habits. After all, the old habits didn’t happen overnight – so these new ones will take time to take hold, too.

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