What is a Mind-Body Transformation?

by Belinda on June 10, 2012

Before you can start transforming your body, you need to transform your mindset.

At first, it’s not a big mindset change. It’s not earth shattering. All you have to do is commit to making a few changes in your life. And then you need to have the discipline to actually start making those changes, such as working out and eating a more nutritious diet.

Once you start seeing some positive physical results, your mental resolve gets even stronger. You commit to making more changes. You see more results.  And pretty soon, you realize you have more power, strength and control than you ever realized. In turn, you start feeling better and more confident about everything.

This is referred to as the mind-body transformation. You see, it’s virtually impossible to transform your body without transforming your mind. The more you transform your mind, the easier it becomes to transform your body. And the more you transform your body, the more positive changes you’ll see in your mindset.

These positive mindset changes don’t just happen in the gym. They’re not limited to your physical transformation. Because once the mind transformation starts, it happily spills over into all parts of your life. For example:

  • Your newfound confidence at work allows you to ask for a promotion. Or it might give you the confidence to leave a job you’ve hated to find something you really enjoy that pays you what you’re worth.
  • You might decide to do something you’ve never done before – something you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the courage. For me, I took up surfing in my 30s – something I continue to enjoy immensely even now, 10 years later.
  • Your social life improves because people are attracted to your strength and confidence. Yes, your body is becoming more attractive too – but confidence is sexy as hell.

The best part of all this is that it’s a self-feeding cycle. As you gain confidence in other parts of your life, you have even more motivation to continue with your physical transformation.

Point is, once you make the decision to lose weight, don’t just think that the only thing that’s going to change is your pants size.  If you let it, your entire life can change in marvelous and unexpected ways.  So sit back and enjoy the journey – if you’re like most people I talk to, this is going to be one of the most exciting things you’ve ever done!

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