Natural Cellulite Treatments: Do They Exist?

by Belinda on June 2, 2012

If you have cellulite, then you’ve probably spent a good deal amount of time looking for a way to get rid of it. Maybe you already know that you don’t want to go the liposuction route (and not only do you not have to, but it probably wouldn’t work anyway).  And so you’re looking around for a natural cellulite treatment.

Now, if you’ve done some searching online, then you know the options are absolutely mind-blogging.  There are a wide variety of:

  • Creams, oils and lotions. The idea here is that you can just massage away your cellulite by putting some cream on your legs.  Guess what? These creams don’t work. They might even be good for your skin, but they don’t do much for your cellulite.
  • Wraps. You’ll see all sorts of wraps, such as seaweed wraps, herbal wraps, vitamin wraps and more. Most of these wraps don’t hurt your skin, and in some cases they are very good for your skin. However, they don’t really do anything for cellulite.

TIP: In some cases, the wrap itself is so tight that it stretches the skin, thus smoothing out the dimples and making the cellulite seemingly disappear. But this tends to only work for a few minutes, because without constant pressure, the dimples are simply going to reappear immediately.

  • Toxin-flushing products.  Repeat after me: “cellulite has nothing to do with toxins.” And so products which promise to flush away your toxins do exactly zero to get rid of your cellulite. In other words, these products don’t work.

Point is, most of the treatments you find online or at your favorite health and beauty store don’t work.

However, if you were paying attention above then you’ll see where I mentioned how a tight wrap can actually smooth out the appearance of the dimples. In fact, you can probably achieve the same effect right now by using your hand – just pull your skin tight, and you’ll see the dimples smooth out a little.

Now we’re coming to one of the few natural cellulite treatments that really works – you need to build the muscle beneath your cellulite. That way, the muscle will “smooth” out the cellulite, erase the dimples, and leave you with smooth and beautiful skin.

How do you do this? By incorporating special bodyweight and resistance exercises that target your thighs, butt, calves and where ever else you have cellulite. For example, here’s an exercise you can do to help build the muscles in your thighs:

If you’re wondering if this works, just look at me. I used to be plagued by dimpled thighs and other unsightly cellulite. But with a good diet paired with highly targeted resistance exercises, I got rid of my cellulite. Check out what I took like today by going to – if I can do it, you can too!

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