How to Get Calvin Klein Abs

by Belinda on June 7, 2012

Quick, what pops into your mind when you think of a sexy stomach?  If you’re like a lot of people, you probably think of those elusive six-pack abs.

There’s a reason I called them elusive, especially for women. That’s because in order to get six-pack abs, two things need to happen:

1.  Your ab muscles need to be sufficiently developed enough to “pop” and give you that six-pack effect.

2. Your need to have low amount of body fat in order to see those muscles.

Most women can achieve #1 without any problem. But #2 is tricky. It’s difficult to get a low enough body fat to reveal those abs – and even harder to maintain that low of a body fat consistently. Some women get a four-pack while others manage to get a two-pack.

But you know what I discovered? You can have a sexy stomach even if you don’t get those six pack abs. How? By working on developing your oblique muscles.

Your oblique muscles are the ones that run vertical on the sides of your stomach. These are the muscles that create that oh-so-sexy line that sparks the imagination and drives the opposite sex wild.  Calvin Klein models are known for these lines – and you can get them too!

I’ve spent years experimenting on myself and my clients to develop the perfect “Calvin Klein Abs Workout” to achieve those lines. This works for women of all shapes and sizes.  Just keep these tips in mind:

  • Shed the excess fat. You don’t need to get down to a really low body fat in order to see those lines, but you will need to get rid of the excess fat. I suggest you use HIIT (high intensity interval training) paired with a good nutritional plan.
  • Focus on rotation. You develop those vertical lines and flatten the area underneath your belly button by doing twisting, rotating exercises.  Plain crunches don’t activate all the core muscles, which is why you need to do twisting crunches and similar exercises.
  • Do the workout three times per week. Stick with it, even if it seems difficult the first time you do it. If your muscles are struggling, then that’s a good sign – it means you’re stimulating them and sculpting them!

Now here’s the video:

1. Crossed Leg Reverse Crunch: 10-15 reps per side
2. Feet to Ceiling: 12-15 reps
3. Crossed Arm Twisting Crunch: 20 (alternate sides)
4. Jeri Curl: 20 (alternate sides)
5. Standing Core Twist: 20 each side

Beginner: 1 set, Intermediate: 2 sets, Advanced: 3 sets

Be sure to practice good form, activate that mind-muscle connection and to breathe correctly while you’re performing these exercises.  Oh, and get your bikini ready, because you’re going to be PROUD to wear it pretty soon!

One more thing…

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