How to Achieve Your Genetic Potential

by Belinda on July 2, 2012

Have you ever seen another woman’s hairstyle and wished you could get your hair to do the same thing? And yet you tried it anyway, even if you knew it wouldn’t work because you didn’t have the right type of hair?

For example, you see a woman with sleek, straight hair. But you have naturally curly hair, the kind that wants to grow even curlier (some would say “frizzier”) once it’s hit with a little humidity. And so you know it would take a small miracle in order for your hair to lay stick straight and sleek on your shoulders.  So, you have to be happy with your hair at its best, even if it doesn’t look like you just walked out of a salon every morning.

The same is true of your body.  You may be inspired by other women’s transformation stories. You may have some idea of what you want your arms, legs, butt and stomach to look like. But you can’t ever forget that you need to work within your genetic potential.

Let’s take the notion of washboard abs as an example. Some women can get a six-pack. Some women can even get an eight-pack.  Still other women can get a four-pack or other nice definition, but they struggle to get any more. Perhaps they’ve reached their genetic potential when it comes to abdominal definition.

That’s just one example. But certainly you can find other ways in which your genetics work with you or against you. However, even if you feel like your genetics are working against you, don’t use it as an excuse to quit. Instead, follow these tips:

  • Focus on your strong points. Maybe you notice as you’re training that you have the capacity to develop shapely legs. If so, focus on doing all the exercises to help you reach your genetic potential, such as squats and deadlifts.
  • …And REALLY focus on your weak points. In other words, use resistance and bodyweight training to fool Mother Nature. Maybe you’d like perkier or even bigger breasts. If so, build the pectoral muscles beneath your breasts, and you’ll naturally lift them and create the illusion that they’re larger.

Or perhaps you’re struggling with cellulite on your thighs. If you build the muscles beneath the cellulite, you’ll “smooth” out the fat – and get left with a beautiful, smooth legs.

TIP: One of the keys to a beautiful body is to create symmetry. That means that while you may work extra hard on certain parts of your body that could really benefit, you need to work ALL muscles in your body so that you create a symmetrical, beautiful body.

  • Give 100% in the gym. Yes, it’s true that some people have an easier time putting on muscle or shedding off fat. But don’t worry about how easy or hard it is for other people. Instead, focus on what you’re doing. When you’re in the gym, take the time to pay attention to the mind-muscle connection so that you’re using the right muscles for each lift. Give 100% of your focus and effort in the gym, and you’ll have an easier time reaching 100% of your genetic potential.

Bottom line…

Getting the perfect body isn’t about trying to obtain someone else’s look. Instead, it’s about living up to YOUR genetic potential by exercising and eating right.  Because there’s nothing sexier than looking your best – and having the confidence that goes along with it.

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