Get Rid of Cellulite With an Anti-Cellulite Diet?

by Belinda on June 28, 2012

You’ve probably heard about anti-cellulite diets before. If so, what I’m about to say next is probably going to shock you a little…

Many of the sellers pushing their “anti cellulite” diets have been lying to you for the sheer purpose of lining their own pockets.

You see, a lot of these sellers will tell you that you need to flush out toxins in order to get rid of the cellulite. And then they’ll sell you a cleansing diet that leaves you hungry, leaves you tired, leaves you irritable… but leaves the cellulite firmly in place. Seems like the only thing these products really do is “flush out” your wallet.

Still other sellers will peddle low-fat diets. They’ll tell you that fat makes you fat.  They’ll stick out their hand while lying through their teeth, telling you that eating fat causes cellulite.

I call BS – because it’s just not true. Fat doesn’t make you fat – excess calories do. And fat doesn’t make you get cellulite. Instead, irregular fatty deposits without enough muscle underneath to smooth them is what causes the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

Ok, now we’re getting somewhere. If a lack of muscle underneath the fat layer contributes to the appearance of cellulite, then it’s pretty clear that you need to build this muscle in order to help smooth out the dimples. And that means that you need to eat a diet that supports this goal of toning and lifting the muscles underneath the fat.

Does such a diet exist? You bet. Here are the basics:

  • Eat a clean diet. Toss the processed, packaged and sugar foods away. Instead, focus on eating wholesome, nutritious foods. For example, choose whole grain bread over processed white bread.
  • Eat all through the day to keep your body fueled. Instead of eating three big meals, eat six smaller meals. This gives you the energy you need to blast through your anti-cellulite, muscle-building workout.
  • Eat enough protein. Your body needs protein in order to build and maintain muscle. That’s why you should make sure every meal includes a source of good protein such as egg whites, low-fat dairy products, tuna, poultry or lean cuts of beef.
  • Get good sources of carbs. Your body is fueled by carbs, so focus on including a good carb at every meal, such as steel-cut oats, yams and brown rice.
  • Include healthy fats in your diet. Your body needs essential fatty acids (hence the word “essential”). These EFAs include foods such as flax, olive oil, peanuts, sunflower seeds and fish oil.

In sum…

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that they have a diet that will magically make your cellulite disappear. Yes, your diet is part of the equation. You need to eat in a way that supports your goal of building (or re-building) the muscle underneath the fat. The good news is you can start with this diet today, simply by following the above tips!

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