Everything You Think You Know About Cellulite is Wrong

by Belinda on June 11, 2012

If you have cellulite, then you’re probably desperate for a way to get rid of it. And so it’s overwhelming when you surf around the internet and you see so many conflicting pieces of advice.  Worse yet, some of the advice sounds so plausible – and you really want to believe it – but it turns out to be nothing but a myth, perpetuated by someone who’s trying to sell you a slick cellulite cure.

I’ve studied cellulite for a long time now. I got rid of my own cellulite. And every day I work with women from around the world to help them get rid of their cellulite, too.  So you can believe me when I say I’m more than qualified to shatter the following cellulite myths…

Myth: You Need to Shed Fat to Get Rid of Cellulite

If you have excess fat on your body, then yes… the first step is to shed this excess fat. But even skinny women – even those who’ve never been overweight – can have cellulite. So it’s a myth to say that you MUST lose fat in order to get rid of cellulite, since I’ve seen plenty of cases where this simply isn’t true.

That said, cellulite is fat – but it’s necessary fat. What makes it troublesome is that the fat cells are irregular, which causes the unsightly “cottage cheese” appearance. (More on this in a moment.)

Myth: Toxins Cause Cellulite

This myth is likely persistent because so many people are trying to sell you cures that “flush away” toxins.  Toxins don’t cause cellulite. Instead, irregularly shaped fat deposits between your skin and your muscles cause the telltale cellulite dimples.

Myth: You Can Just Rub a Little Cream On Your Cellulite to Make it Disappear

Some of these creams might actually be beneficial to your skin, but they won’t make your cellulite disappear. That’s because creams don’t do anything for the cellulite itself, which sits well below your skin layer.

Myth: Liposuction is the Only Way to Get Rid of Cellulite

Not true. Indeed, if you’re at a healthy body weight, then you can’t remove this fat. And even if you do have excess fat to remove with liposuction, it wouldn’t necessarily get rid of your cellulite. That’s because, again, you need a certain amount of this fat – and the problem is that this fat layer has irregularly shaped cells.

Myth Or Not? Exercise Can Get Rid of Cellulite

This one is true, depending on what type of exercise you’re talking about.

If you’re merely talking about doing something like a bunch of cardio to get rid of the cellulite, it won’t work. It may even make it worse, especially if excess cardio (and/or a poor diet) start stripping your remaining muscle.

You see, what DOES help your cellulite is to build muscle underneath this layer of fat.  If you do this right, your layer of muscle will push against the layer of fat, which smoothes out the irregularities in the fatty tissue. End result – smooth, beautiful skin!

In sum…

What you don’t know about cellulite can hurt your wallet if nothing else. But now you know the truth about cellulite. Bottom line is if you want to get rid of it, then focus on toning and lifting the muscles underneath it. It doesn’t work overnight – but it DOES work… beautifully!

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