Are You Suffering From Skinny Fat Syndrome?

by Belinda on June 15, 2012

When a lot of women think about their ideal body, they think in terms of what size clothes they want to wear or maybe how much they’d like to weigh. They can just imagine sliding into their best “skinny jeans” or wearing that little black number that everyone says makes them look hot.

But then reality hits.

One day you wake up and you realize you’ve hit your weight loss goal. You’re fitting into the jeans. You can slip on that little black number. But you don’t look hot.  In fact, you’re a little embarrassed by what you see.

What’s the problem?  You’re “skinny fat.”

Some women who lose weight find themselves with the skinny fat problem. Still other women run into this problem as they get older, even if they were never overweight.  But either way, the problem is too little muscle and too many fat deposits. So even if you look “skinny” when you’re fully clothed, you don’t look good if you’re not covered in clothing from head to toe.

Wearing shorts and a tank top is a bad dream.  Wearing a swimsuit becomes an absolute nightmare.  And let’s not even talk about being naked. That’s because your thighs jiggle when you walk. Your triceps jiggle when you wave.  And the reason for all of this jiggling is a lack of muscle tone.

Runway models often have this skinny fat look (it’s not a healthy nor an attractive look).  People who do too much cardio often have this look. This happens because if the body thinks it’s starving, then it’s going to cling to every bit of fat that it has.  It’s going to burn muscle to survive.  And thus you end up with the un-toned, unattractive skinny fat look.

Now compare that to someone who’s lean. A woman who’s lean is slender, but she also has muscle. She looks healthy. She has sexy, feminine muscle.  Just think of some of your favorite athletes and celebrities who look great in short sleeves, short skirts and swimsuits.  They look great because they’ve maintained their muscle while shedding the fat.

Point is, you don’t necessarily need to lose weight in order to look great. Sometimes you just need to tone your muscles to get rid of the flabby, shapeless look.  And if you want to look drop-dead gorgeous too, then here’s what you need to do:

1. You need to eat enough.  No more starving yourself, which causes your body to cling to fat.

2. You need to eat clean. This means eating six or so small meals a day with a balance of good carbohydrates, good proteins and good fats.

3. You need to do the right kind of exercise. This includes lifting weights to maintain and build muscle so that you can achieve that toned, sleek and sexy look. It also means doing high intensity interval training (HIIT) instead of long bouts of steady-state cardio (which tends to strip your muscle).

Bottom line: Merely being “skinny” shouldn’t be your goal.  Instead, you should seek to get lean.  That way you’re not only “skinny,” but sexy as well.

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