May 2012

How to Get a Sexy Butt

May 31, 2012

There’s nothing better than filling out a pair of jeans with a sexy butt.  And maybe you had a sexy butt in the past, but time and gravity have taken their toll. Perhaps your butt sags a bit. It’s lost its muscle tone. Maybe it’s even riddled with cellulite. The good news is that you [...]

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The Absolute BEST Way to Melt the Fat

May 29, 2012

One important component of a body-sculpting program is cardio exercise.  When you combine the right cardio workout with a good diet, you’re virtually assured of getting great fat-burning results. The key idea, however, is that you need to do the RIGHT kind of cardio. And the truth is, many women don’t.  Indeed, many people do [...]

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The Surprising Benefits of Stretching

May 14, 2012

Do you make a point of regularly stretching? If not, you should.  And that’s because it can really boost your body-sculpting results. I know, it sounds so simple… so deceptively simple. And perhaps that’s why a lot of people don’t stretch as much or as often as they should (myself included). However, there are plenty [...]

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Lifestyle for a Lifetime

May 5, 2012

Elsewhere on this site I’ve talked about how your habits largely determine what your body looks and feels like. And that if you want to change your body, then you need to start leading a transformational lifestyle, one which starts by creating a series of new, better habits. The key, of course, is that your [...]

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How to Achieve All Your Goals by Developing Mental Toughness…

May 2, 2012

Sculpting your body isn’t the easiest thing in the world. I should know, because I underwent a radical transformation when I was in my mid-30’s. And believe me, I certainly started at the bottom, because prior to my transformation I didn’t exercise. At all. So you can bet I struggled at times, especially in the [...]

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